About Talanx Group

Talanx underwent particularly strong growth over the past decade and achieved premium income amounting to EUR 39.5 billion for the year 2019. Talanx operates extremely successfully as a multi-brand provider in highly promising sectors of the insurance and financial services industry. The Group is led by Talanx AG which has been granted a reinsurance license at the beginning of 2019. The Company is now no longer a pure holding company but instead also conducts business activities and acts as an intragroup reinsurer for primary insurance. The largest shareholder of Talanx AG with a stake of 79.0 percent is HDI V.a.G., a mutual insurance company. The remaining 21 percent of shares are in the free float.

The Group companies operate under a number of different brands. These include HDI, delivering insurance solutions to retail customers and industrial clients, Hannover Re, one of the world's leading reinsurers, the bancassurance specialists neue leben insurers, PB insurers and TARGO insurers as well as Ampega, a funds provider and asset manager. The Talanx Group conducts business in its Industrial Lines, Retail Germany, Retail International and Reinsurance Divisions and in the area of financial services. The Hannover-based Group is active in more than 150 countries. 

Talanx Group key figures

EUR million 2019
Gross written premiums 39,494 34,885 33,060
Net premiums earned 33,054 29,574 27,418
Combined ratio in property/casualty primary insurance and Property/Casualty Reinsurance 2) 98.3% 98.2% 100.4%
Net investment income 4,323 3,767 4,478
Operating profit (EBIT) 2,430 2,032 1,807
Net income (after financing costs and tax) 1,671 1,359 1,270
Group net income (after non-controlling interests) 923 703 672
Return on equity 3) 9.8% 8.0% 7.5%

1) Adjusted in accordance with IAS 8.
2) Including net interest income on funds withheld and contract deposits.
3) The ratio of (annualised) net income for the reporting period excluding non-controlling interests to average shareholders’ equity excluding non-controlling interests.

Talanx overview